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Curious to learn how your movement patterns could be hindering your on-field performance? Look no further than the biomechanical breakdown to offer you these cutting-edge insights utilizing the OnForm remote coaching app.

Breakdown Includes:​

  • Slow-Motion Analysis of Your Delivery through the OnForm App

  • Analysis Report Outlining Areas of Your Motion That Could Be Influenced to Optimize Performance

  • Includes Medicine Ball Drills and Daily Throwing Drill Progressions

​How it works:

  • We'll start with a foundational strength assessment (5 baseline strength tests) - because all “mechanics” start with the ability to be strong/stable in end ranges of motion.

  • We'll then utilize the OnForm sports app to analyze and break down your pitches. The app will also help us understand where there may be issues in your kinetic chain and how your mechanics could be hindering your on-field performance.

  • After analyzing the videos, we'll put together individualized med ball, and plyocare drills to add to your daily throwing plan to influence biomechanical changes.

Image by Jose Francisco Morales

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