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REMOTE training

Ready to train with MPP, but can't make it to us in person? Welcome to remote training with MPP.

This includes:

  • Monthly Throwing Calendars

  • Weekly Throwing Goals & Phases

  • Dynamic Warm-ups

  • Individualized PlyoCare Drills to Train Arm Strength & Mechanics

  • Medicine Ball Drills to Train Power, Explosiveness, and Mechanics

  • Throwing Drills to Enhance Pitch Shapes & Command

  • Pitch Data Analysis (Rapsodo, Trackman, etc.)

  • Post-Throw Arm Care Exercises

  • Weekly Video Check-Ins

  • Baseball Specific Monthly Lifting Program

Batting Cage

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Ready to start your journey towards becoming the Best Version of Yourself with Martin Pitching Performance? Click below to get started today!

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